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In the valuation of any ongoing business, tax issues are of paramount importance. Originally established for the purpose of inheritance tax, the IRS came up with methodologies to maximize the tax dollars for businesses inherited from one generation to the next. This tax scheme impacts those business interests that are divided in a divorce.

At Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP, our attorneys have experience handling complex divorce issues, including the valuation of a business and the potential tax issues that may arise. Attorney Paul Van Ryn, LLP is admitted to the U.S. Tax Court and understands the nuances of federal and state tax law that may escape an attorney with less experience. Our Albany business valuations lawyers can anticipate problems you may face in divorce and help you devise a comprehensive divorce settlement strategy.

Comprehensive Business Valuations

Every type of business has unique issues in terms of return on capital, percentage of hard assets and cash flow. As a result, a business valuation may need to be closely monitored in order to come up with an accurate evaluation.

For instance, the level of capital invested in a trucking company will be different from the level of capital invested in a bakery. Although the numbers may seem the same from a cash flow perspective, the valuation may be handled differently depending on the type of business you or your spouse owns.

Our attorneys will closely examine the finances and structure of the business to perform a thorough valuation. We often consult with business valuation experts, accountants and other financial experts in order to understand the full value of a business so it can be equitably divided in divorce. We would be pleased to discuss that with you.

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