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Collaborative divorce is a relatively new alternative to divorce litigation. Started by lawyer Stuart Webb in 1990 in Minnesota, it allows a couple to work through disputes in their divorce amicably, outside of the courtroom.

Each spouse is represented by an attorney. Unlike other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation the key component of a collaborative divorce lies in the contract both parties and their attorneys must sign. The agreement states that if negotiations fail, the attorneys cannot represent the people in subsequent litigation. This removes from the lawyers any incentive to litigate and puts tremendous pressure on both of the lawyers to settle.

At Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP, attorney Paul Van Ryn, LLP is a member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of the Capital District, Inc. (CDACD). He has been trained in collaborative law and can guide you through the process of amicably settling your divorce.

Benefits of the Collaborative Approach

Collaborative law is a holistic approach to divorce where the negotiation is done in a kinder and gentler way than typical divorce negotiations. Professionals, including attorneys, psychologists, or economists will work with the couple to resolve issues in a way that benefits both parties.

It can be a slow process, as both parties may need time to understand the implications of the decisions they make. However, through the collaborative process you can work to build open communication between you and your ex-spouse. This is particularly beneficial in situations where children are involved.

We can help you resolve the issues that matter most to you in your divorce, including the division of property, custody and support issues. And through the collaborative approach, we can work to reduce the stress and strain of a divorce upon you and your family.

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