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The Marriage Equality Act, as sponsored by Governor Cuomo, has finally brought to the gay community the same rights as opposite-sex couples in New York. All laws that once granted rights to married couples of the opposite sex can now be enjoyed by married couples of the same sex. This includes the right to inherit, property rights and a wide range of other protections under state law.

This is an exciting and hard-won change to New York family law. The attorneys at Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP are dedicated to helping couples understand what this new chapter will mean to them and their families in the future. Our law office is located in the Albany suburb of Delmar in upstate New York.

State Versus Federal Law

Although New York has embraced change, there are still many problems lurking out there for same-gender couples. At the federal level, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines marriage as between a man and a woman. It also restricts the meaning of spouse to be a person married to a member of the opposite sex.

This means that married same-sex couples will not receive equal treatment under federal law. This could pose a problem if you or your spouse needs treatment in a VA hospital or other government-run facility. There may be problems with health insurance coverage for gay couples. Additionally, you will receive different treatment under the tax code, and from the IRS.

Our attorneys understand the issues same-gender couples have faced in New York and what issues they still face in other states and at the federal level. Adoption laws in all 50 states now allow same-gender couples to adopt. We think that every state will also adopt a civil union or marriage statute eventually, if for no other reason than to help keep families together. Whether you were married in New York or in another state, we can help you understand the new laws and work to anticipate any issues that may arise in the future.

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