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You can never be sure what to expect from your marriage. While you have every reason to expect the best, you also have every right to protect your own financial future. By developing a comprehensive prenuptial agreement, you can come up with a plan to protect your rights today and into the future.

At the law offices of Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP, our Albany prenuptial agreement attorneys can help you meet your specific concerns. With extensive business law and estate planning practices, in addition to our family law practice, we can provide you with the integrated legal services necessary to develop an effective premarital agreement for situations ranging from the simple to the complex.

Building a Marriage Contract That Works for You

Your prenuptial agreement or marriage contract can help you meet specific personal objectives throughout the course of your marriage and in the case of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements make sense for people who have a lot of assets to protect or special considerations concerning particular assets.

Couples involved together or separately in closely held businesses can also benefit from prenuptial terms that address interests in corporate, professional or family business assets. Prenuptial agreements can also be important for people with children from prior relationships or those about to get married for the second or third time.

Your premarital contract can essentially achieve whatever you want, or at least any terms and agreements you can agree upon with your future spouse. You can waive alimony payments, although you will not be able to waive child support. In any case, your prenup should be fair and fully informed, so make sure you obtain and disclose all pertinent information before you make any decisions.

Our firm is prepared to handle any concerns you may have regarding prenuptial agreements. We review, negotiate, draft, revise, enforce or challenge premarital contracts on behalf of our New York clients. Our lawyers also provide the same service for postnuptial agreements.

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