Albany NY Real Estate Closings Attorneys

Real Estate Closing Attorneys Serving Albany and Upstate New York

Selecting the right lawyer for your real estate closing is an important decision. At the law firm of Maxwell & Van Ryn, LLP in the Albany suburb of Delmar, many of our clients are referred to us by real estate brokers because we provide a high level of personal service and a thorough understanding of real estate laws.

If you are buying or selling a residential or commercial property, you are likely entering a transaction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our lawyers will do all of the preparation to ensure that this transaction is completed on a timely basis. Here are examples of the many real estate services we provide:

  • Title Examination: Is the title clear? Our attorneys will make sure there are no liens on the property and that the seller is the only owner.
  • Mortgage Agreements: Our lawyers will review your mortgage agreement and other closing documents down to the fine print to assure you understand what you are signing and are aware of your obligations.
  • Answering Your Questions: Our lawyers will be available before, during and after your closing to answer questions about home inspections, contractors, schools and other issues that concern you. To us, the closing process is much more personal than an ordinary financial transaction.

The guidance of an experienced real estate attorney can help prevent problems that could otherwise lead to the loss of your deposit or a lawsuit.

Contact us for an initial attorney consultation about your real estate closing with no obligation. Our law office is located in the Albany suburb of Delmar in upstate New York. We offer free parking.